Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The fact of the matter is,

once you understand just how effective and accountable interactive communication is, then marketing, for what ever product or service, is not a secret, and allows your business to be carried out according to serious business principles.

The trouble is that your Marketing people have become caught in the trappings of Marketing, by that I mean…the award presentations…jetting off to attend a “shoot”, and all else, they have completely forgotten that their job is to sell product!

This has resulted in many Companies to day regarding Marketing as ineffective and therefore is considered to be strictly non-essential.

To prove this point, however simply look at their actions, whenever budgets are tight, Marketing is one of the first budgets to be cut.

Once you come to understand the sheer effectiveness of interactive marketing communication yes, you can cut your budgets, by as much as half, and be far more cost effective and totally accountable. Now that is a piece of information most Marketing Directors and Advertising Agencies do not want to hear…for obvious reasons!

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