Sunday, 11 February 2007

Even the movie industry is going to suffer!

Cinema is floundering and risks losing touch with a new generation of digitally literate viewers and filmmakers.

One of Britain's leading directors, Anthony Minghella said that the medium is in the midst of a convulsion that will change dramatically as the invention of the printing press revolutionised literature.

He believes that an increased familiarity with making and watching moving images on the Internet, mobile phones and cheap digital cameras is making viewers increasingly critical of the type of films emerging from Hollywood.

....just as the invention of the printing press democratised the written word by creating more critics, so a generation steeped in the literacy of the moving image will challenge assumptions that have underpinned film for more than a century.

....Up until a handful of years ago film-making was the province of a privileged few to the passive many. Now the ownership of moving images has passed into the hands of practically everybody and the articulation of moving images has passed into the hands of everybody with access to a phone, laptop or digital camera. They can now have their say.

Substitute "advertising" for "filmakers" and it says it all!

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