Saturday, 17 February 2007

Hey there…don’t rush into change too fast...

the old model of
Client-Product-Advertisement- (Old) Media wasn’t so bad!

Advertising Agencies, having practically ruined a nearly perfect marketing communications system, are now trying to lure their Clients onto a totally unproven communications system…the Web!

And, to add insult to injury, charge more for doing less!

It would appear that all that glistens is NOT gold. The Internet Advertising Bureau boasts about record online ad spend, however we must remember that the bulk of these monies are spent on “search”.

Just remember “Search” is not advertising. Take a look at IAB figures, just under 60% of what it calls “advertising” are in fact search. Nearly half of the remainder is classified…the remainder, 24% is display advertising…and this on an unproven medium that has software, and is in the process of developing more sophisticated software, to block advertising!

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