Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Interactive Communication consists of three important elements:

Programmed Instruction.
Dissects the logic of a communication into smaller parts. Asks the reader/viewer to think about and respond intelligently to each broken down statement, thus ensuring that the consumer understands the ‘whole’ of the communication.

Game Playing
It embodies the principle of game playing to gain maximum consumer attention.

Presented as an advertising ‘event’
The advertising message is perceived as meaningful information rather than an interruption to the normal reading or viewing process.

Interactive Communication alters the way people perceive advertising and will increase consumer awareness, increase message comprehension and increase sales.

Interactive Communication, properly executed, creates an open, focused and receptive mind, and will:

 Eliminate the problem of commercial clutter

 Increase advertising effectiveness

 Make all advertising more cost effective

 Make people receptive to the content

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