Tuesday, 27 March 2007

There are more people online than ever…but please remember this…

They are not there to see your advertisements!

Please try to bear in mind that "yes" they do use search engines but they go there to look for something else, somewhere else to go…most certainly they do not go there to see your advertising!

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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Interaction is where the outdated idea of Mass Marketing, Advertising together with

Broadcast Media, finally bite the dust!

Because no longer is the Marketing message, "We want your money". To day the Marketing message has to be "We want your opinions".

Because the moment you put that into real practice you can have everything you've always wanted, sales, customer relationships and also Brand loyalty.

And the next time you hear those words "Let's research it" remember that research works against the very thing you desperately need in your Marketing efforts, creativity and risk taking, both crucially necessary to the successful development of your products or services.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Is advertising dead…I don’t think so

However it sure seems that way, at least in my life as a consumer. I rarely click on a Web page banner, I assiduously avoid ads in most consumer publications. I most certainly do other things during the TV commercial break.

Newspapers, magazines and television are also facing the assault from technology.

The gist of all this is simple, persuasive and unavoidable. Interactivity, the hallmark of computing technology, fundamentally calls into question the viability of a model based on being able to force people to watch, listen, and read, advertising.

Interactive communication is the way forward

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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Finally the truth that dare not speak its name

is beginning to emerge!

The age of the 30-second TV commercial is over.

There’s a lot of hand wringing on Madison Avenue these days. Companies like Virgin Atlantic are concluding that advertising on TV is too pricey and the effects too difficult to measure.

The industry must adapt to a coming world where consumers enjoy total control and will no longer tolerate tedious commercials that hold them hostage to messages they care nothing about.

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Interactive Marketing Communication.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Another fine mess bought to you by those fine people at Top-Down-Management Limited!

Revelations emerged last week indicating that viewers tuning in to the 'X-Factor', broadcast on ITV1, had been charged an extra 15p for phone votes during the last series.

It identified that incorrect payments were collected through red button applications on the Sky platform during the last series of the 'X Factor'.

The scandal grew with the news that the BBC One show 'Saturday Kitchen' had encouraged viewers to phone premium-rate lines to vote on a competition during a pre-recorded show.

Is it any wonder that people are turning away from terrestrial broadcasting and resorting to the Web, after all the Web has some limited interactive (FREE) capabilities. Thus allowing all those frustrated one-way viewers to vent their rage and frustration at all those wonderful Top-Down-Management boffins who spend their highly paid days dreaming up these scams!

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Monday, 5 March 2007


LONDON: A UK consumer body has blasted warring media companies BSkyB and Virgin Media for "behaving like children" following the former's decision to pull its channels from Virgin's cable platform in a battle over fees.

The National Consumer Council is threatening to make a 'super-complaint' on behalf of Virgin (formerly NTL) customers whose Sky Basics channels were switched off last week [WARC News: 02-Mar-07].

Deputy ceo at the NCC, Philip Cullum, says the organisation could invoke its statutory powers to push for an Office of Fair Trading review of the entire UK digital television market if the situation is not resolved.


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Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sky & Virgin Television…

...A disgraceful episode that exposes “Top Down” management at its worst!

So Sky & Virgin, you obviously don’t think that you ought to start a regular dialogue with your subscribers!

Because the disgraceful public row you both have had very recently provides enough evidence that you really still haven’t got it. Your advertisers are not that important to you, certainly your very own Top Management is not important to you, after all they are in the process of ruining your business!

As they said in a recent American Presidential Election…”It’s your viewers stupid.”

This headline says it all. “Sky channels disappear from Virgin cable TV.”
And, low and behold, in the day when viewer/consumer empowerment is causing great concern to the advertising/media industries. These companies decide, arbitrarily, to remove Sky’s basic channels from Virgin’s cable platform “in the early hours of yesterday morning after an extended and unedifying public spat between BSkyB and Virgin Media”

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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Discover why we think David Beckham should concentrate on football!

An interesting piece of research has just emerged which confirms what I have long suspected, whilst, at the same time, going along with my suspicion about the creative ego and the use of very high priced Hollywood directors!

Advertisements starring high profile celebrities such as David Beckham and Jamie Oliver do not sell products as well as those featuring every day people, new research suggested.

A study by the University of Bath and the University of St Gallen in Switzerland, found that ordinary members of the public are more effective in selling products than super stars paid millions to endorse them. That’s because people are more worried about keeping up with the Jones’s than the rich and famous!

Never-the-less we guarantee that those Advertising Agencies will keep on using highly paid Hollywood movie directors as well as using the rich and famous as models…there goes millions more of the poor old clients budget…again…again…again!

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