Monday, 13 August 2007

Unilever & Shoppers’ Voice.

A new era for advertising!
A new age of personalised customer relations!

The guiding ethos of The 1-2-1 Solution, is the personalisation of the relationship between the brand and the customer through customer participation. Shoppers’ Voice, whatever the format or medium, is where your customers willingly become workers for you; devoting some of their time, effort and imagination to your brands.

Not only do your customers want more choice they want to be involved with the products they choose to buy and to be sure that they have made the right choice for the right reasons. The Shoppers’ Voice initiative opens up an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers, building their trust in the brand and delivering loyalty, through ongoing purchase, despite the blandishments of competitors.

The Shoppers’ Voice technique has been used within Unilever in different countries over time with spectacular results as outlined:

United Kingdom

Birds Eye Fish Fingers
Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual uplift in sales + 3.2%.
Definitely/Probably will buy +9%.
Advertising awareness +11%.

Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual uplift in sales + 4.4%..
Last week purchase +2%
Definitely/Probably will buy +4%.
Advertising awareness +4%.

P G Tips.
Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual uplift in sales + 3.1%.
Last week purchase +5%
Definitely/Probably will buy +7%
Advertising awareness +8%.

Birds Eye Frozen Peas.
Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual increase in purchase + 2.6%.
Last week purchase +2%
uplift in Definitely/Probably will buy +5%.
Advertising awareness + 5%.

Sunsilk Shampoo.
Research: BLM division NOP.
Purchase + 35%.
Definitely/Probably will buy + 100%.
Recognition of the main product claim + 50%.
Advertising awareness +45%.
Spontaneous Awareness + 53%.

Research: AGB.
Definitely/Probably will buy +14%.
Brand awareness + 6.7%.
Advertising awareness +150%.


Vaseline Intensive Care.
Research: AGB.
Prompted Brand/Product awareness +31.5%.
Past Four Week Purchase +90%.
Definitely will buy +81.8%.

Streets Ice Cream Deserts.
Research: Martyn Research.
Unprompted Brand Awareness increased +8%.
Actual purchase +80%.
Advertising awareness +100%.


Research: Market Research Corporation of America.
Year long purchase study.
Across the whole year + 25.5% uplift in actual sales.
The research, as usual, was carried out among those who received the program (Test) against those who did not see the program (Control).
This study, underlines the long term effect of the technique.

Finally, what have others said of the technique in respect of
Cost Effectiveness and ROI.

Professor E.L. Roberto, PhD, Coca-Cola Foundation Professor of International Marketing reviewed the £5 million of independent research conducted on behalf of Shoppers’ Voice and provided this summary:

“The Shoppers’ Voice participating advertisements generated recall scores that are more than 50% more productive than normal advertising. The effect on purchase intention is just as impressive if not much more.
All these productivity increments are attainable at a reasonably inexpensive budget. One Shoppers’ Voice client revealed that for its participating brand, its quarter television expenditure was $5.7 million as compared to its Shoppers’ Voice budget of $0.5 million.
This 1:10 ratio has been mirrored in Shoppers’ Voice events in other countries.”

Source: AGB: Gallup: Martyn Research: Bourke: NOP: Nielsen & more

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Friday, 10 August 2007

1-2-1 Solutions

1. Personalisation is the key to success!

1-2-1 Solutions immediately starts to re-personalise the communication process.

2. Mass Marketing needs to incorporate Direct Marketing techniques!

1-2-1 Solutions incorporates all marketing disciplines including Direct Marketing Techniques.

3.To achieve "Personalisation" we need to humanise Mass Media.

The very nature of 1-2-1 Solutions ensures that all Mass Media is personalised by the solicitation of individual opinions!

4. Your customers want to commence a regular dialogue with you.

Shopper's Voice appears regularly allowing your customers to participate, become "vocal" and allows you to respond to their comments and questions.

5. Nowadays it is necessary to empower your customers by giving them a perception of control!

1-2-1 Solutions, through Shopper's Voice, informs your customers that their opinions are important to you and that you will listen to what they have to say and, where possible, you will act upon what they have to say!

6. You must give your customers plenty of choice for each of your products!

1-2-1 Solutions, through Shopper's Voice, allows your customers the opportunity to select which of the multiple product attributes is right for them, this provides them with the right reason to go and buy your product(s) over your competitor.

7. You must give your customers far more information to enable them to make the correct choices!

1-2-1 Solutions, through "programmed instruction" ensures that your customers have sufficient information available to make the right choices to go out and buy your brand(s)!

8. Your customers want to make connections with your brand(s) and to personalise their relationship with these brand(s)

The very nature of Shopper's Voice ensures that your customers connect and then personalise their relationship with your brand(s) thus ensuring ongoing and repeat sales!

9. Shopper's Voice allows you to understand what is important to your customer on a one-to-one basis allowing you to create long lasting partnerships!

Through skilful interpretation of the feedback provided by Shopper's Voice, you will have a data base rich in individual comments and needs, thus ensuring that you can create long lasting relationships with each and every customer.

10. And the beauty of Shopper's Voice is that it is totally accountable, highly flexible and is category exclusive!

More than £5 millions have been invested in independent research with reputable research companies over time. This research has established that one exposure to Shopper's Voice is far more effective than traditional advertising alone.

Contact: Alan Kirkland: Tel. 01276 62325 or
Contact: Paul Ashby: Tel. 01934-620047 or email:
Or visit:

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Consumer conversations with your advertising

These conversations substantially increase the R.O.I of your marketing budget, and develop lasting relationships with your customers. And starts to re-personalise your relationship with your customer(s)

There are four key areas within which we develop successful communication programmes with your customers:

1. The preparation of two-way "conversations
2. The selection of the medium(s) to carry these "conversations".
3. The analysis of the response and feedback.
4. The analysis of the sales effect and recommendations based on independent research findings.

We have developed proprietary applications that enable us to hold "conversations" with your target market and then analyse their shopping habits through the feedback.

Your customers' feedback creates a database, whereby we are able to segment your retail market on the basis of shopping behaviour. The aim is to facilitate stronger relationships with your end user, using the power of "two-way conversations" with your customers, together with the re-personalisation of your relationship with your shopper!

This makes your current advertising and marketing more responsive and more effective and starts to re-personalise the communication process.

With the application of our communication technique to your conventional marketing and advertising, your advertising becomes more effective and more cost efficient.

Examples of Accountability:

Colgate Palmolive Toothpaste a 25% uplift in sales.
Quaker Oats a 38% uplift in sales.
Kellogg's All Bran a 30% uplift in sales.
Nestle Maggi a 233% uplift in sales.
Unilever Rexona a 90% uplift in sales.
Pfizer Plax Dental Rinse a 200% uplift in sales.
LA Times a 3% increase in circulation.
Unilever Persil a 8% increase in sales.
British Airways Executive Club a 33% response and a 3% lift in bookings.
Quaker Oatso Simple a 15% increase in sales and a 10% increase in trial.
Natwest phone banking a 48% uptake in use and a 54% return of lapsed

Paul Ashby: has been pioneering this new form of "conversations in advertising" for the past twenty-five years. Through this experience he has a unique insight into what your customers want to say.

Paul has written "conversations with advertising" for many blue chip companies in Australia, Japan, USA and UK. He wrote and produced the world’s first regularly scheduled consumer participation TV Game Show, on behalf of P & G on Channel 7 in Manila, The Philippines, taking the viewing audience rating from 6 children to 54 adults.

Alan Kirkland: has held a number of senior positions within the regional and national newspaper industry, in advertising and marketing through to MD level. He has held Account Director positions within the Advertising Agency and Sales Promotion sectors and launched the first FSI – The Coupon Book – in the UK.
Apart from a wide experience in sales and marketing, Alan has a knowledge and awareness of print and distribution and has many senior contacts within these fields.
He has worked on several programs in the UK, converting "conversations in advertising" to sales.

Contact Numbers:

Alan: 01276-62325 or email:
Paul: 01934-620047 or email:

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

It's very easy to use Shoppers' Voice

1. Your don't have to change a thing.
2. Happily carry on with your existing advertising.
3. All you have to do is to supply us with your existing advertising campaigns for your participating brand(s)
4. In turn, we will write all the necessary interactive copy. We will supervise the creativity for that issue of Shoppers' Voice.
5. We will brief the research company
6. We will collate your database "feedback"
7. We will present all research finding in association with the chosen Research Company.
8. We will organise all prizes.
9. We will submit all your copy for final approval prior to publication.
10. Then all you will have to do is watch your sales increase!

Simply call Paul Ashby on 01934-620047 or email:
Or Alan Kirkland on 01276 62325 or email: