Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The fact of the matter is,

once you understand just how effective and accountable interactive communication is, then marketing, for what ever product or service, is not a secret, and allows your business to be carried out according to serious business principles.

The trouble is that your Marketing people have become caught in the trappings of Marketing, by that I mean…the award presentations…jetting off to attend a “shoot”, and all else, they have completely forgotten that their job is to sell product!

This has resulted in many Companies to day regarding Marketing as ineffective and therefore is considered to be strictly non-essential.

To prove this point, however simply look at their actions, whenever budgets are tight, Marketing is one of the first budgets to be cut.

Once you come to understand the sheer effectiveness of interactive marketing communication yes, you can cut your budgets, by as much as half, and be far more cost effective and totally accountable. Now that is a piece of information most Marketing Directors and Advertising Agencies do not want to hear…for obvious reasons!

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Friday, 23 February 2007

The Oscars – 2007!

And the winner is…? ABC television of course. The network will get roughly $1.7 million per 30-second advertising spot during its exclusive broadcast of the awards.
The total revenue of more than $80 million is double what it was in 1998,
despite the show’s variable ratings!

Out there in the real world, the world were all these millions of dollars are spent. The world where we, the ordinary people who do not attend the awards ceremony, it emerges that only 57% of consumers are inclined to trust companies and resistance to marketing is also now at a peak:
With just 6% of consumers admitting to trusting any form of advertising!


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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Interactive Communication consists of three important elements:

Programmed Instruction.
Dissects the logic of a communication into smaller parts. Asks the reader/viewer to think about and respond intelligently to each broken down statement, thus ensuring that the consumer understands the ‘whole’ of the communication.

Game Playing
It embodies the principle of game playing to gain maximum consumer attention.

Presented as an advertising ‘event’
The advertising message is perceived as meaningful information rather than an interruption to the normal reading or viewing process.

Interactive Communication alters the way people perceive advertising and will increase consumer awareness, increase message comprehension and increase sales.

Interactive Communication, properly executed, creates an open, focused and receptive mind, and will:

 Eliminate the problem of commercial clutter

 Increase advertising effectiveness

 Make all advertising more cost effective

 Make people receptive to the content

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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Just how dumb are they?

The entire history of commercial television appears to have been a big plot erected on control from above rather than choice from below.

The consumers have then been coerced into watching programs in which they have no real interest. The advertisers who pay for the commercial break believe, on amazingly weak evidence, that some great percentage of people actually watch their commercials.

The television advertising business is a science based on suspect data. That data is based upon a small sample, which decides how many households watch an actual programme, and doesn’t even measure the commercial break!

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There is an old adage in technology:

intelligence always moves to the edge of the network. The same is true of most other things, especially advertising and marketing; there are far more intelligent ideas outside of advertising agencies and marketing departments.

Existing advertising agencies were fat and dumb and happy with the status quo together with monopolistic profits and their general situation, so they badmouth any new idea which threatens their incumbency or profits, or both. Advertising Agencies are also in denial until their profits are really threatened.

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Monday, 19 February 2007

1. The Consumers need for Interactive Communication.

People desire to be taken account of, to affect change, learn and personalise their relationships with their environment. There are a phenomenal number of reasons, which cause people to interact, which go far beyond just giving them things.

When people participate in interactive marketing communication they are told that their efforts and feedback are of positive help to the advertisers. Moreover, by participating, they then learn and understand the message from the advertiser, personalise their relationship with the advertiser and their products (or services).

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Sunday, 18 February 2007

“It’s not sexy…”

...and other asinine observations made by ad agencies!

Interactive Communication has been extensively researched by independent companies in Australia, The United Kingdom, U.S.A. Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and The Philippines. A total investment of £5m has been made to make the technique totally accountable. This research has established that whilst the technique might not be very "sexy" it is far more effective in producing verifiable sales than conventional advertising as espoused by todays crop of Advertising Agencies!

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Saturday, 17 February 2007

Hey there…don’t rush into change too fast...

the old model of
Client-Product-Advertisement- (Old) Media wasn’t so bad!

Advertising Agencies, having practically ruined a nearly perfect marketing communications system, are now trying to lure their Clients onto a totally unproven communications system…the Web!

And, to add insult to injury, charge more for doing less!

It would appear that all that glistens is NOT gold. The Internet Advertising Bureau boasts about record online ad spend, however we must remember that the bulk of these monies are spent on “search”.

Just remember “Search” is not advertising. Take a look at IAB figures, just under 60% of what it calls “advertising” are in fact search. Nearly half of the remainder is classified…the remainder, 24% is display advertising…and this on an unproven medium that has software, and is in the process of developing more sophisticated software, to block advertising!

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Thursday, 15 February 2007


Helps the terrestrial networks to become much more cost effective… and totally accountable!

Commercials sometime look good and yes, viewers enjoy them, but make them buy the product?

However this is not the fault of the television industry .

When interactive "events" have been prepared together with a direct request for the viewer to pay particular attention to participating TV commercials, there has always been a substantial and measurable lift in brand awareness, message comprehension, which has always lead through to increases in sales.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of interactive programmes linked to terrestrial TV here are just some examples of the increases recorded by independent research.

Increases in television advertising awareness

as result of exposure to an interactive "Event"

Birds Eye Fish Fingers +11%

Sunsilk Shampoo +45%

Duracell Batteries +200%

Plumrose (Canned) Ham +400%

Silkience Shampoo +233%

Sara Lee +83%

Streets (Walls) Deserts +100%

Sources: AGB, NOP, Gallup

These results are just the tip of the iceberg in demonstrating that terrestrial TV aligned with interactive events can produce staggering increases in all key measurements including sales.


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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Finally the truth that dare...

not speak its name is beginning to emerge!

The age of the 30-second TV commercial is over.
There’s a lot of hand wringing on Madison Avenue these days. Companies like Virgin Atlantic are concluding that advertising on TV is too pricey and the effects too difficult to measure.

The industry must adapt to a coming world where consumers enjoy total control and will no longer tolerate tedious commercials that hold them hostage to messages they care nothing about.

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Monday, 12 February 2007


Jill Howard-Allen, online marketing manager, Southwest Airlines, said her company got used to giving up control several years ago when it started participating in A&E's "Airline," a reality TV show that follows the daily travails of the airline business through Southwest.

"Customers just want a chance to talk to you and interact with you," she said.

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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Your Ad and self-expression!

The one thing many of us have in common is simply the desire to express ourselves or to communicate our tastes and enthusiasms to others.

Its called self-expression. The web has unleashed the opportunity for millions who never believed they would ever have a moment in the spotlight.

You to can create your own TV channel! Welcome to the Internet, we are developing new ways to communicate, to innovate and be creative en masse. More importantly for the advertising industry people can combine ideas and skills without a hierarchy.

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Even the movie industry is going to suffer!

Cinema is floundering and risks losing touch with a new generation of digitally literate viewers and filmmakers.

One of Britain's leading directors, Anthony Minghella said that the medium is in the midst of a convulsion that will change dramatically as the invention of the printing press revolutionised literature.

He believes that an increased familiarity with making and watching moving images on the Internet, mobile phones and cheap digital cameras is making viewers increasingly critical of the type of films emerging from Hollywood.

....just as the invention of the printing press democratised the written word by creating more critics, so a generation steeped in the literacy of the moving image will challenge assumptions that have underpinned film for more than a century.

....Up until a handful of years ago film-making was the province of a privileged few to the passive many. Now the ownership of moving images has passed into the hands of practically everybody and the articulation of moving images has passed into the hands of everybody with access to a phone, laptop or digital camera. They can now have their say.

Substitute "advertising" for "filmakers" and it says it all!

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Saturday, 10 February 2007

"The year of consumer empowerment!

Becoming part of the conversation between consumers is far more powerful than traditional ads.

Becoming part of the conversation between consumers is infinitely more powerful than handing down information via traditional advertising.

It encourages and facilitates consumers to become part of the process, rather than being dumb recipients of the message from on high - and that is of huge potential value to brands."

And that's interactive communication for YOU!

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Just do what your told!

1.Business created mass markets through broadcast advertising, the same bossy voice of command-and-control it used on workers, however in this instance, applied in the market place. “Just do what you’re told” is not that very much different than “Buy our products.”

2.And you could effectively tell people to keep quiet, because that element of a conversation was banned in broadcast media – there was never a way to ask questions. A 30-second TV commercial was never an invitation to converse!

3.The tragedy for the media business is that many current brand managers and most advertising and media agencies are, in our experience, unable or unprepared to calculate the contribution of advertising.

4.A new media age appears to be dawning one in which many of the old rules of salesmanship will no longer apply. It is hard to believe that anyone will sit still for numbing repetitions of intrusive jingles, or for 30” spots of unrewarding commercials.

5.Recent research concludes that television advertising may actually be harming, rather than enhancing, companies' relationships with their customers.

6. All advertising is a form of learning whereby the advertiser is asking people to change their behaviour after learning the benefits of the products or services on offer.

7.Advertising has become too parochial, too introspective, too convinced by its own hyperbole. Two or three thousand, what would be described as, creative people, dominates advertising.

8.However, a major change is afoot and advertising, long regarded as the ultimate weapon in marketing – particularly the once mighty television commercial – is now seen as complacent and increasingly ineffective.

To summaries: One thing they NEVER taught you whilst working in an advertising agency…or a marketing department for that matter…
And that’s the human desire for interaction. If this had been taught and the lesson put into everyday practise then billions of pounds and dollars would never have been poured down the black hole of television advertising!
Interaction is not technology, it is human behaviour!

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So what is communication?

After a little thought, most people come up with a definition that is about transmitting and receiving information. A little more thought might produce the word exchange. This is more satisfactory, but still assumes that communication is about moving something about conveying, or sending, or delivering, some commodity called ‘information’.

In fact, the word has quite a different root meaning. It derives from the Latin communis, meaning ‘common’. or ‘shared’. It belongs to the family of words that includes communion, communism and community. Untill you have shared information with another person, you haven’t communicated it. And until they have understood it, the way you understand it, you haven’t shared it with them.

Communication is the process of creating shared understanding.

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Friday, 9 February 2007


We have known for years that an ongoing dialogue with your customer is crucial to the success of your brands.

Once you start a dialogue you can’t just turn it off, you have to keep communicating because your customers demand response and engagement.


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Thursday, 8 February 2007

They’re not in the business of communication!

Advertising people tend to think of communication as ‘message sending’, and thus spend hours and hours crafting a message, primarily a 30 second TV Commercial and then arranging for it to be transmitted.

Marketing people are moving away from that totally inaccurate picture, however fmcg marketing people still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that “you can sell more goods to less people, and still be more effective”, that is if you understand the benefits of ‘conversations’
Media people, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio lovingly call themselves ‘the communicators” and say they “are in communications.”

They are not…never have been… all they do is prepare messages and then send them…they most certainly not communicators.

It is the ego that chooses to ignore the word communication, the ego and that other overworked word ‘creativity’, hence the rush to hire, at greater and greater expense the latest creative genius who is going to sell all those wonderful goodies! Utter rubbi

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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Cannes Lions Festival…

Still celebrates ads-a position, one suspects, roughly equivalent to the Cannes Film Festival honouring silents. The One Show held two concurrent programmes this recently-one for conventional ads, another for online. (One wonders who in this mix felt like a second-class citizen).

In a transparent world, the power of an “ad campaign” to change minds is strictly limited, and getting more so every day. It’s way past time for the marketing services industry’s leaders to get naked and outsource this outmoded way of doing business.”

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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

T.V advertising together with

The interactive communication technique results in…

An increase in the number of people involved in the communication process resulting in:

A. An increase in measurable consumer awareness.
B. A measurable increase in message comprehension.
C. A measurable increase in consumer commitment.
D. A measurable increase in sales
E. Feedback of invaluable value and content.

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