Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What is communication?

After a little thought, most people come up with a definition that is about transmitting and receiving information. A little more thought might produce the word exchange. This is more satisfactory, but still assumes that communication is about moving something about conveying, or sending, or delivering, some commodity called ‘information’.

In fact, the word has quite a different root meaning. It derives from the Latin communis, meaning ‘common’. or ‘shared’. It belongs to the family of words that includes communion, communism and community. Until you have shared information with another person, you haven’t communicated it. And until they have understood it, the way you understand it, you haven’t shared it with them.

Communication is the process of creating shared understanding.


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Marketing effectiveness at 'all-time Low'

Marketers world-wide believe that 65% of their marketing spend had no discernible effect on consumers in 2007.

Marketing wastage is at its highest in more developed economies such as the US, UK, the EU and Australia.

3,000 marketing professionals across the globe were questioned as to the efficacy of different marketing tools.

Media clutter, sophisticated consumers and intense competition go some way to explain the wastage.

We also believe that a complete misunderstand of the word “communication” accounts for this terrible wastage.

Use Interactive Marketing Communications and beat this appalling wastage!

Interactive Communication – Much more effective than conventional advertising!

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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Is the ad industry's net economic gain to the economy zero?

Robert Shaw, Professor of Marketing Metrics at Cass Business School, challenged in a letter to the FT an assertion that the advertising industry adds £160bn to the UK economy.

"Advertising is a zero-sum competitive game, strong advertisers grow at the expense of weak ones, stealing customers from the weak. Econometric studies show that advertising performance follows a bell curve, with as many campaigns showing negative performance as there are a positive ones."

Of course it is…need we say more?


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