Friday, 1 June 2007

Here are just two examples of ChiefSpeak:

"TV under pressure", says Accountant turned Adman, Sir Martin Sorrell. However he goes on to say, "Television is under pressure at the moment from the Internet…but predictions of a depression have gone too far. Television advertising is not going to disappear. It still has the pulling power, but the balance will switch".
I wonder if he tells that to his Client, Guinness?

See what I mean when I said earlier on "Why do people fail to even consider them"?

Meanwhile another Chief, Derek Morris, Chairman and chief executive of ZenithOptimedia attended "Media 360 Conference" in Wales recently. In a long letter in MediaWeek, he said, among other things, "But what are the lessons to bring home from South Wales? What should we actually do? And there, in the final session, reality caught up when the Client told us to "Change before you are dead".

"Digital is just media, while new, it follows the old rules. It has increased the role communication can play. To be in media requires knowing how to use it and all other channels".

Does that mean we shall be reading the obits on Accountant turned Adman Sorrell in the very near future, has anybody had the decency to point out to him that one Client even said that?

'Cos. he really needs to know!

And certainly his high powered executives should be telling him the meaning of the word "communication" assuming, that is, they themselves really know.

May we take this opportunity to inform the Chiefs of what effective communication is? Because surely it is about time they knew!

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