Saturday, 26 January 2013


What happens in real life is what matters to or between customers


Marketers should focus on creating social meaning and social utility-things that help real

world social interaction or support the group's interests-rather than forcing

meaning on individuals through brain washing or bribery. Products or services

could be devised to be interesting enough to become talked about in the first

place. The first change in the way we think about media, must be a major

shift away from thinking about media as channels' down which we tip messages

and information. Only in so far as they serve and help advertisers access and

harness the power of the social networks that lie behind them.

Incidentally, an interesting piece of research has just emerged which confirms

what I have long suspected, whilst, at the same time, going along with my

suspicion about the creative ego and the use of very high priced Hollywood

directors! Advertisements starring high profile celebrities such as David

Beckham and Jamie Oliver do not sell products as well as those featuring every

day people, new research suggested. A study by the University of Bath and

the University of St Gallen in Switzerland, found that ordinary members of the

public are more effective in selling products than super stars paid millions to

endorse them. That's because people are more worried about keeping up with the

Jones's than the rich and famous! Never-the-less we guarantee that those

Advertising Agencies will keep on using highly paid Hollywood movie directors as

well as using the rich and famous as models, there goes millions more of the poor

old clients budget again;again;again! All I will say is this, use

Interactive Programs, properly executed, and you will not have to spend money on

Hollywood Directors or, for that matter, the likes of David Beckham etc.

So the next time your Advertising Agency comes with their invoice, go through it

with a fine toothcomb and delete the name(s) David Beckham, or whomever. Then

check out who the director is, if he's Hollywood, strike him out as well; we

guarantee that you'll be surprised at how much you can save. Then half

your budget and start using Interactive Marketing

programs, again, you'll be surprised at the positive results at a fraction

of your normal advertising costs!With Interactive Marketing

you don't have expensive, unnecessary add-ons! With Interactive Marketing

Communication you don't have wasteful coupons! With Interactive Marketing

Communication you don't have wasteful promotional activity! With Interactive

Marketing Communication you don't have David Beckhams! With Interactive

Marketing Communication you don't have expensive Hollywood movie Directors!

With Interactive Marketing Communications you do have sales and increased

profits! - plus a whole lot more.

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