Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Interactive Communication provides strong, accountable

(New) advertising.

Marketing leadership in driving business success has never been in more

demand, however they desperately need proven examples of "New"

Advertising...and Interactive Communication is the most definitely proven

"New Advertising" with over $10 million invested in independent research.

With Interactive Communication in place as a regular feature of your marketing

programme CMOs will discover that Interactive Communication provides a

strong marketing communications programme and will change the way in

which all advertising is conducted. Because it is totally accountable in both

analogue and digital.

Senior management is increasingly on the outlook for marketeers who don't

merely do things better but re-invent how they go about things. This is

particularly true in the face of vastly changing consumer behaviour dynamics

as evidenced by the explosion in Social Media. It's forcing a massive

reinvention of ways to both interpret customer needs and to market more


As interactive moves in to quietly replace old advertising, the old advertising is

leaving us & Interactive Communication is arriving.

As we emerge from the recession we must resist the temptation of sliding

backwards. Take the time to study Interactive Communication, both you and

your organisation will be the better for it!Because Interactive Communication,

properly structured, will allow Senior Marketers to finally "engage" with their

audience. Sad to say despite the fact that interactive communication offers

unique opportunities for true accountability, many Clients still hold onto their

analogue mindsets!

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