Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Supposedly we live in an age when it is easier to communicate

than ever before. The sad fact is that due to the fact that we live in an over informed society, we

are now turning away from the downpour of information that is vainly trying to

attract our attention. The problem is so huge, so vast, that it is

difficult to know where to start. However, let's look at just one small area, an area that affects us all,

Customer Services. When it comes to complaining you

must first bypass "Customer Services" - a service which is actually a cunning

modern day ploy NOT to serve customers! Nowadays if you have the

audacity to attempt 'phone contact with almost

any organisation, you will, undoubtedly, be put through to the hell of "Customer

Services". New technology, new legislation, together with new

management styles, are the weapons in this new age of

customer alienation. I wonder what on earth they are teaching these days

at the Business Management

Schools The new age of alienation is practised most effectively

by the larger organisations - banks, utility companies, Local Councils and etc.

To me all this new technology, even in this great age of easier

communication, allows those who couldn't really be bothered an easier opportunity to be just

that, not really be bothered with you, the customer! And most of what

passes for marketing looks as if the practitioners of advertising really couldn't be bothered -

advertising has run out of inspiration. And this is despite the fact that

advertising is the main cause of all that information

clutter out there! Advertising has always had a bad name, nowadays it

appears to be getting worse.It has been brought lower and lower by the

execrable standards of television, especially "reality" TV, and by liars, the

'phone scams and hucksters parading across our T.V screens. Perhaps,

just perhaps, you might think that this is too strong a condemnation, well then

please consider this. It embarrassing to have to say this however the Government

is being urged to repay VAT earned from phone-in scandals. That just how low the

hucksters of TV have brought the TV Industry!

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