Sunday, 6 January 2013

We really need a more ethical advertising, and our whole concept of marketing practice needs to change


We must recognise that advertising has real responsibilities and that marketing is not just about

making money. Nobody yet appears to have hit upon a solution to improving marketing, and thus

advertising, yet it has to happen because they have both become a dangerous

monster, in need of harness. It has to be said that people don't seem to like

big business very much, we really don't like the power that companies have and

we certainly don't trust them to use them in our best interests! Advertising

is not about hope but expectations, marketing is not about dreams

but plans. The false prophets of modern marketing have warped more than the

language of consumerism. The future is unknowable, what can be known,

commentary suggests, is that social media and the Internet is replicating the

same errors old advertising and marketing committed. Somebody needs to make a

move, unilaterally determining that Social Media et al are not excellent

marketing vehicles merely more clutter!

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