Thursday, 10 January 2013

Is Advertising all about Fraud?


It is said that Edward Bernays taught corporate America and the Federal Government to lie, his spirit lives on today!

It's about time that we had some straight talk about, what we call Fraudgate, because most advertising and marketing reporting is total BS!

A combination of wishful thinking, propaganda and deliberate deception. We've been trying to track accountability (or rather the lack of it) in advertising and marketing for over twenty years. The one constant that keeps returning is "How do these people get away with it"? Because the real mystery is how come that they are spending even more money on advertising in these days of economic deprivation.

Nobody seems to grasp the scope and depth of the dishonesty in advertising, in marketing, in Business Schools, in Government – in fact it's all over!

The first thing you need to know about advertising and marketing is that it is everywhere, but any attempt to construct any form of accountability is absurd and pointless – the fact is there just ain't none!

The main tool employed by advertising people is the mantra, totally untrue by the way, "Advertising works".

Amazingly. Marketing has got away with the perpetuation of complete and utter crap regarding the supposed benefits of advertising.

We now accept unquestioningly the supposed reality of what advertising and marketing people routinely present as "fact", despite the absence of any kind of evidence, of any kind, to support this "fact"!

There appears to be a kind of collective denial that kicks in when any discussion on Marketing and advertising commences and you cannot really register the fact that there really is no supporting evidence to substantiate the outlandish claims made on behalf of advertising.

We now routinely allow these people to get away with murder, killing off our free press, producing substandard television, providing us with an over-informed media. And the real frightening thing? We don't know where it's all going to end.

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