Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The lack of education about the communication process

means that millions are being poured down the black hole of

ineffectiveness! The problem is caused by advertising agencies, we all

secretly feel that they are all a bunch of charlatans and yet! And yes,

we have all met advertising people who were touchingly sincere and believed in

what they were doing despite the lack of accountability! However the fact

remains that most advertising people have minds so devoid of realism that they

are still prepared to believe the mantra "advertising works!

The science of communication is so mind-shatteringly elegant and inspiring that

advertising, by its very nature, is demeaning and shallow and a total betrayal

of what it is to actually communicate, especially when one considers what the

human species has achieved in all else. Perhaps the periodic swellings

of emotion in the Western World over the past few years are, in actuality, the

anguished pleas of a lonely and atomised populace dehumanised and

depersonalised, and totally removed from any real social interaction, and

desperate for company! It is true to say that advertising is the enemy

of rational thought, it encourages the victory of feeling over reason.

Nevertheless there is a tremendous danger to which big business appears to

have succumbed in believing that advertising, in whatever form, is somehow

invincible and all that we can do is debate alternatives within its framework.

Now advertising is dazzling us with the wonders of technology. It is

all so new, exciting and wonderfully opportune and anyway if all that fails to

excite us lets use cool sounding jargon! The fact of the matter is

that Advertising is a grotesque manifestation of Top-Down-Management and has

about as much intellectual rigour as Bambi! What is really foolish is that it

clearly appeals to insecure political leaders who desperately want to be all

things to all people! In the current era of "The Market is always

right", where have all the sceptics gone? There is no one to expose the bogus

realities of much of advertising and marketing. Such is the grip of modern

advertising that to question the omniscience of advertising is to bring down the wrath of God!

Which results in the Emperor still parading in his new birthday suit and still

totally unaccountable! Advertisings' amazing benefits are simply an

illusion conjured up by exotic advertising personalities of whom the biggest

culprits were the Saatchi Brothers! And boy did they lead the business

world on a merry dance! Advertising people refuse to learn from

experience, and strive instead to discredit any new, superior method

of communication denying us all of enlightenment and the benefits stemming

from a superior method which, in turn, condemns them to repeat the past.

There is a far better way and it is proven accountable and very cost


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