Saturday, 3 November 2012

The financial crisis has transformed the global marketing world...

and, at the same time, discredited many of the ideas regarding advertising,

marketing, consumers and society, that were taken for granted in the pre-crisis

decades. Here nobody appears to see the crisis as an opportunity to build a new

form of capitalism.

Nobody seems to see that the future can be, and most certainly should be,

better than the past. Without a doubt the institutions discredited by the

crisis can be replaced with something better, not merely patched up and

restored. Corporations see the crisis entirely as a threat to established ways

of life and modes of thinking. Nobody is presenting a vision, or even a credible

thought, about how the crisis could produce a better tomorrow. The best that

has been offered is a promise to clear up the mess created by previous

corporations. With the exception of interactive marketing

communication...simply the best ever!

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