Thursday, 1 November 2012


More accountability. Measuring the effectiveness of just one exposure to an interactive event versus "frequency and reach" of traditional advertising amongst category users.

Client: Kellogg’s

Brand: All Bran

Category: Breakfast Cereals

Research by: AGB

"Grocery buyers involved in the interactive programme showed a higher propensity to purchase and a high intention to purchase than those not involved. There was a 30% increase in purchase and a 10% increase in Intention to Purchase"



Client: Kellogg’s

Brand: Rice Bubbles

Category: Breakfast Cereals

Research by: AGB

"Among all main grocery buyers the following increases were achieved among those who saw the programme over those who did not. Prompted-Brand-Awareness + 8.8%; Past-4 week-purchase +41.7% and Next-Four-Weeks-Purchase +42.1%."





Client: Kellogg’s

Brand: Sultana Bran, Sustain, Special K, Just Right, All Bran.

Category: Breakfast Cereals.

Research by: AGB

"All participating products showed positive growth (between 2.2% and 10.8%) among all main grocery buyers and buyers of breakfast cereals who had seen the Event. Growth rates in Past-Four-Week-Purchase was noted with +138.9% for Sustain; 84.7% for Special K; 74.6% for Sultana Bran. No product’s growth in sales among those seeing the Event fell below +41%. Increase in advertising awareness also occurred; Just Right +24.5%; Sultana Bran +111.2%; Special K +69.8%"




Client: Quaker Trading

Brand: Quick & Hearty

Category: Hot breakfast Cereals

Research by: NOP


North West England

Of those who only saw the television commercial 1% claimed to have purchased Quick and Hearty in the past 4 weeks, whilst those who had seen the interactive programmed 9% claimed to have purchased, an increase in +800%.

In London

There was no television advertising for Quick and Hearty the purchase of Quick & Hearty in the control area was 0% whilst in the interactive test area last 4 weeks purchase was 4% and increase of +700%

In both regions the IMG interactive programme generated a 9% positive intention to purchase. This was twice the level generated in the North West & Midlands, and over three times that of the non advertising area in London. It is therefore a reasonable conclusion that the booklet led to an enhanced interest in purchasing Quick & Hearty when next buying a breakfast cereal.



Client: British Airways.

Brand: British Airways.

Category: Airline Flight.

Research: City Insights.

Airline Last Used has increased from 67% to 77%. Always choose to fly with BA and recommend to friend and colleagues’ increases from 24% to 31%. Increase in those saying BA has the best Frequent Flyer programme increases from 47% to 58%.

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