Monday, 5 November 2012

Marketing can baffle the most intelligent people,

which is most understandable, for a start, making large marketing investments accountable is a

very inexact science. They rely, to a unnerving degree on assumptions that may

or may not be accurate.

Trust, or the absence of it, deepens marketing's lack of ability to reassure

customers that what they are saying is honest and accurate. Marketing success

and wealth creation is not given to corporations as of right. It must be


Those marketing people whose decisions have led to the economic collapse

reveal to us how profoundly lacking in vision they were. These were never

people of vision. They make decisions in the marketing sphere. But just how do

these decisions relate to the wider world was never part of their make-up.

This is a great flaw and one for which we are paying the price for now.

Commerce is a natural part of human life but is has become increasingly

unnatural over the intervening centuries, gradually divorcing itself from the

very people on whom it depends, whether workers or customers. The result has

been to create a huge chasm between buyers and sellers.

Advertising's failure!

Conventional advertising has failed the natural human need for social

interaction. We have created a media society during the last 30 or 40 years

where there is an extraordinary reduction in interaction because of the one-way

and more passive form of information that exists. We need to restore interactive communication

between your customers and your product, and reduce your huge marketing busgets.

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