Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More accountability: Being the results of one exposure to an interactive programme vs traditional (frequency and reach) advertising.

Client: Chesebrough-Pond’s.
Brand: Intensive Care Hand & Nail Lotion.

Research: Burke Market Research.

"Readers of the Event were significantly more likely than non-readers to recall all four copy points, additionally readers were significantly more likely than non-readers to have tried the lotion, to have repeated buying it and to have purchased the brand recently.


Client: Rexona (Unilever).
Brand: Vaseline Intensive Care.

Research: AGB.

"Prompted-Brand-Product-Awareness increased at the rate of 31.5% among people seeing the Event, similarly and increase in Past-Four-Week-Purchase +90% and in increase of 81.8% Definitely-Will-Buy was recorded."


Client: Carter Wallace.
Brand: Dencorub & Dencorub Ice (Muscle Pain Relief).

Research: AGB.

"Quite dramatic increases in Prompted-Brand-Awareness and in the Past-Four-Week-Purchase and Next-Four-Week-Purchase-Intention (DWB) occurred amongst main grocery buyers. These range from 55.6% to 120%."


Client: Carter Wallace.

Brand: Nair Hair Remover.

Research: AGB.


"Research again indicates that those who saw the Event had greater levels of Brand-Advertising-Awareness +161.1%; Past-Purchase-Behaviour +100% and also Future-Purchase-Behaviour +60% over people not exposed."


Client: Carter Wallace.
Brand: Arrid Deodorant.

Research: AGB.

"Arrid’s participation within this Interactive Event again demonstrates the effectiveness of the Technique. All key measurements show positive improvements for those exposed versus people not exposed. Brand-Advertising-Awareness +200%; Past-Four-Week-Purchase +100% and Future-Purchase-Intent +66.6%.


Client: Carter Wallace.
Brand: Sun-In Hair Colour.

Research: AGB.

"Sun-In Hair Color benefits from exposure within the Interactive Event. Brand-Advertising-Awareness was increased by 366.6%; Purchase-in-Past-Four-Weeks +100%; and Future-Purchase-Intent +100%."


Client: Pork Promotion Council.
Brand: New Fashioned Pork.

Research: AGB.

"Grocery Buyers exposed to the Interactive Event showed higher Awareness +12.3%; higher Advertising Awareness +45.16%. They also had higher Past-Purchase patterns, 80% and higher figures for Purchase-Intent +36.3%.

Client: Sara Lee.
Brand: Hearty Fruit Muffins. (Frozen Bakery Goods).

Research: AGB.

"Grocery buyers who remembered seeing the Interactive Event showed a higher than average awareness of the product +30.9%, a high awareness of advertising at +83.3% and 100% increase in Future-Purchase-Intent.


Client: Unilever.

Brand: Streets Log Ice Cream Deserts.

Research: Martyn Research.

"Unprompted Brand-Awareness increased +8% amongst main grocery buyers who saw the Interactive Event and Purchase increased +80%; Advertising-Awareness increased 100% over people who had not see the Event."



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