Saturday, 3 November 2012

In an effort to convince the marketing industry that it is a powerful ...

...advertising medium, Facebook has begun singing a new tune. Or maybe its an old

tune. According to Mashable, they made a big presentation recently:

"Facebook on Monday continued its mission to

convince the world's top marketers that the standard means of measuring an

online ad's performance, the click-through rate " doesn't


And what does Facebook now say is the true measure of advertising value?

Their Director of Pricing and Measurement...proposed that the industry rely on the two

measurements that have served TV well...reach and frequency." Back to the future!

Facebook is so lost in its quest to prove its advertising relevance that it has tortured the logic of

advertising value beyond comprehension. Their business model is now based on completely

contradictory principles:Their pricing structure is based on the value of clicks.

But their business philosophy is that clicks have no value. They better make up their mind pretty

quickly or this may go down as one of the all-time great business shambles.

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