Friday, 12 January 2007

A win-win-win scenario, that's Interactive Communication

Interactive Communication, properly executed, provides a win-win-win scenario for all participating parties.

For the first time in the history of commercial communication, participating parties can expect to benefit from appearing in interactive communications "Events".

For communication to be successful mutual self- interest has to be satisfied.
1. The Consumers need for Interactive Communication.

People desire to be taken account of, to affect change, learn and personalise their relationships with their environment. There are a phenomenal number of reasons, which cause people to interact, which go far beyond just giving them things.
When people participate in interactive marketing communication "Events" they are told that their efforts and feedback are of positive help to the advertisers. Moreover, by participating, they then learn and understand the message from the advertiser, personalise their relationship with the advertiser and their products (or services).

2. The benefits for participating advertisers.

For the first time advertising becomes totally accountable with payment by results only.
Interactive communication provides intelligent sales through feedback and involvement. Thus allowing the building of intelligent databanks.
3. Thus the interactive Medium becomes accountable and more effective.

By the very nature of interactive "Events" the audience are captivated by the technique. Interaction alters the way viewers/readers perceive advertising, instead of being viewed as interruption advertising becomes a pleasurable and meaningful source of information. There is a substantial increase in the reading/viewing figures and it readily counters zapping.

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