Sunday, 14 January 2007

The most exciting opportunity...ever!

Interactive Television uses the principals of Game Playing together with rewards; Education (in the form of Programmed Instruction). Interactive TV creates Game Show programmes out of advertising materials ,the current 30-second TV commercial being the source of information, evolving into other forms of presentation as a result of the interaction & feedback, similarly with programme content.

This form of interactive communication dramatically alters the way the viewers perceive the commercials, instead of being seen as an interruption the commercials now become a meaningful source of information (a form of programming) and thus are watched in a totally different way.

Presenting advertising within this format allows the most dramatic evolution of advertising itself. This renaissance in this period of the ongoing history of advertising will be know as advertising by true, accurate, more predictable, instant and measurable results.

Clients will pay only by results. The interactive nature of the new technology will allow Transactional TV to measure the results and present these results as a post-evaluation of their participation. Clients will then pay for participation based upon these evaluations.

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