Saturday, 13 January 2007

Media neutral planning

In a marketing magazine supplement the other day there was an article “Media-Neutral planning”.

I read the whole issue. Cover to cover, in the usual hope of finding something mentioned about the communication process. Many of the ‘practitioners’ had things like this to say… “Ideas are at the heart of this debate because they create genuine value for businesses.

Agencies must become idea-centric.” Or, try this for size… “The most profound insights, in terms of media-neutral planning, come from a blending of data and ad planning.”

Wow! Stunning stuff don’t you think?

But, not surprisingly, none of the ‘experts’ had anything to say about the communication process, or for that matter, accountability!

So perhaps, we, the tiny band of individuals pursuing the true meaning of communications, should do something about this lack of understanding…after we are all paying for the wretched advertising through, what the Americans call, a brand tax!

We should have banners saying “Unfair to consumers”; “What a waste of money”. Or, how about, “Advertising is nothing more than a Brand Tax”; “TV is the biggest waste of money for Brands” “Consumers don’t read advertisements”… and parade outside of the large Ad Agencies and their Clients offices. Then maybe the appalling waste of time …and money!, undoubted but misdirected would cease!

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