Monday, 8 January 2007

Consumers are very suspicious

Research published recently by Beyond Philosophy, a UK company specialising in customer attitudes, claims 82 per cent of people never believe their experience of an organisation will match the image promoted by television advertising. Beyond Philosophy concludes that television advertising may actually be harming, rather than enhancing, companies' relationships with their customers.

Similarly, research by the Henley Centre has shown that while nine out of ten people will trust their spouse or partner and eight out of ten their children, fewer than a third (27%) trust retailers or manufacturers, while just 14% trust either the government or advertisers!

And here is our Government, the largest advertiser by far, hiring advertising agencies to prepare information that the majority of the nation increasingly distrusts… shouldn’t someone be telling them that this is an unacceptable waste of taxpayer’s money?

As suggested, the Enron collapse and the circumstances behind it is nothing compared to the waste and misuse of monies that has been fostered by the advertising industry!

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