Monday, 8 January 2007

Television advertising...who watches...who cares?

Television Advertising…so who watched…so who cares!

Interestingly, there is no demand for these advertising messages. Past research conducted by the Advertising Industry (and hastily suppressed I may add) showed that of any television station commercial break the vast majority of the “reach” (a nonsensical term again developed by the ad industry) were simply doing other things! Let’s face it, consumers don’t want to hear from business.

The message that gets broadcast to you, me and the rest of the population has nothing to do with me in particular. Consequently, it’s worse than noise. It’s an interruption in my life and like most people, I would rather do without it thank you very much. Just leave me to watch/listen to my program without any facile interruptions.

And that is the awful truth about marketing and advertising. It broadcasts messages to people who simply don’t want to listen or see it. Every advertisement, press release, publicity stunt and give-away designed by the Marketing Department, or Advertising Agency is coloured by the fact that all their hard work and planning is being presented to a public that doesn’t ask to hear or see it.

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