Friday, 5 January 2007

Interactive Television or Interactive TV

Mass communications media enhanced industry’s ability to address even larger markets and mass marketing truly came into its own. With larger markets came higher rewards and these higher rewards had to be protected. More bureaucracy, more hierarchy and more command and control.

A new media age is here in which the old rules of salesmanship no longer apply. No one will sit still for numbing repetitions of intrusive jingles. To-day people can talk back to their television sets, and the question of just how advertising works – and whether it works at all – will be answered.

We represent the future, a group of like-minded people with many years of media experience and expertise. One of us actually pioneered the use of interactive communication to the marketing community over thirty ago.

Thus we have an extensive research portfolio demonstrating just how interactive communication (properly executed)works. We have produced interactive "Events" in the U.S.A. Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, we even produced the world’s first regularly broadcast hour long interactive TV Gameshow. Hence this blogg, we want your opinions, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with you all so as to ensure that the process of interactive communication is fully understood and executed.

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