Monday, 13 April 2009

Should we advertise on Social Media?

"With regard to Social Media and its’ suitability as an advertising medium, we must admit to having some concerns. More and more we discover that in the fickle world of online social media, yesterdays fashionable meetings points, like for example, Twitter, become so over-commercialized as to be unrevivably “expired”.

The example of Second Life is a classic, as you probably know, Second Life was to be advertising’s salvation and even the government set up shop there, the early adopters have already moved on and Second Life is facing a corporate backlash and media commentators alike. Second Life has been “virtually abandoned” by “normal people and businesses”. This according to Deloitte’s director of technology, Paul Lee.

The way we view Web.2 is somewhat different, we create your own Social Media “Event”, and your business lends itself perfectly to that creation, and then seamlessly work with a combination of Old & New Media to invite your customers in to tells us what they think of you. Thus placing the customer right at the heart of your business. This results in a greater involvement and understanding of what you stand for leading through to a greater number of people buying.

As we have invested over $10m in independent research, as the examples shown elsewhere in this blog, we are confident that we could produce similar results for you.

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