Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The social media debacle...

  Existing loyality to Advertising and Marketing preserves failed organisations and traditions whilst stupidy following it like a shadow.
And boy are we living in stupid times.

Allied to which is the corruption. Now there is no question that our current media, expecially the press, is corrupt, that has been proven time and time again recently.

The corrupt media just love the inefficiency of the current marketing and advertising world, that's why you will never, repeat, never, read an article within the press about the inefficiency of advertising, the lack of accountability and above all else the clutter, why media just love clutter, they make heaps of money on highly ineffecient clutter, so you will not be reading anything against the inefficiency of advertising and marketing in the media, rule number one, don't bite the hand that feeds you!

The prevailing belief in " the market" has just sent us all off a cliff. Advertising people, together with marketing, have a capicity for folly together with a weakness for enfolding myths (Advertising Works|) that shield us from the pain of doubt and uncertainty; and economic theory comes a close second to Marketing and Advertising in the exultant claims it makes for itself.

The belief in the ascendant at the moment is the mystical conviction that "Social Media" and the Internet, left to itself will operate with immaculate precision to maximise human happiness and prosperity. That's the doctrine that has just sent us charging over a cliff into an unpredictable future.

The Facebook debacle, together with General Motors denial as to the effectiveness of Facebook to sell products hopefully will put paid to that little myth.

Because we are flawed and complex creatures all our Marketing and Advertising instutions partake, intrinsically and permanently, of these same flaws.

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