Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Congratulations! Your Brand Is About to Become Obsolete

Blockbuster had it all figured out. Kodak was America's favorite company. Tower Records was the place to

be. Cunard was the fastest way to travel. Alas, no more. Each of these companies were blindsided by

innovation. In the blink of an eye, their entire reason for being disappeared into thin air. Every day

companies new and old, small and large, start down the path to obsolescence. Some have no idea that they are in trouble, others are fully aware and are begging for help. It's a challenge that can only be

addressed by changing culture and behavior, and by a mix of traditional and Interactive thinking.

1)Identify the opportunity (brand, consumer, behavior, competition)

2)Convince the right people that they have a problem (get thee to the CEO)

3)Build things for consumers and internal audiences (useful things)

Interactive Communication, properly executed will train people to think differently about how they

approach problems, to look at fixing the big picture instead of tactical problems, and to

see the opportunity in change

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