Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sergio Zyman, former Chief Marketing Officer...

... the Coca-Cola Company had this to say about "The end of marketing as we know it"

"Simply put, the problem with marketing today is that for the past twenty or thirty years, marketers have become increasingly caught up with the trappings of marketing".

They have been wowed by the glitz, the awards presentations, and the jetting off to do a ‘shoot’ on some tropical isle, and they have forgotten that their job is to sell stuff. As a result they haven’t done a very good job of selling stuff, and they have tried to hide their failure to deliver results in a black box labelled ‘Marketing is Magic.’

"Today, at most companies, marketing is ineffective and therefore considered to be strictly a nonessential activity. Many marketers and their bosses might not admit it, but just look at their actions. Whenever budgets are tight, marketing is one of the first things that gets cut."

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