Sunday, 21 October 2012

 Web Litter: Now It's Content!


The dismal record of online advertising has caused a minor crisis among the

thousands of agencies who make a living creating the stuff. It is getting

difficult for them to convince anyone that blogs or podcasts or YouTube videos

or "user generated content" or banners are the marketing miracles they were once

purported to be. No one is that stupid anymore. I mean, except the odd CMO.

So the folks who create all this web clutter have had to look for some new

magic to sell to today's ultra-cutting edge marketing prodigies. That miracle is

called content.Content isn't a new thing. But it is enjoying a new

life. You see, all the things that the web promoters promised us

would be magic have flopped. So they've resurrected "content" because it is

non-specific -- no one knows what the hell it is. And if you don't know

what it is, how can you criticize it? Like most people, when you hear

some geekazoid yapping about "content" you probably pretend to know what he's

talking about. But you don't. And here's the really cool thing -- neither does

he! What exactly is content, you ask? Well, it seems that as long

as you can upload it, and it's not an ad, it's "content." So all that

online detritus that no one pays any attention to -- the blogs and podcasts and

YouTube videos and Facebook pages and corporate manifestos -- have a new life.

They are now content. Previously they were just litter blowing unnoticed

through the dark, dusty corridors of the web. But now that they have been

promoted to "content" they are once again awesome.!!!

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