Friday, 26 October 2012

Talentless Advertising

The advertising management's silence over the constantly emerging evidence
that advertising does not work speaks far too loudly.
Glaciers are melting more speedily than the ability of advertising to become
accountable. What is surprising is that a global commercial organization such
as advertising can operate like this. Advertising agencies act as if it has
no need to answer to their Clients! Advertising Management has been tested and
found wanting. What all this is showing is that the Senior Management, those at
the top of the Agencies, are not working. There is a communications and
management failure within advertising agencies.
Everyone is saying it (or, to be more accurate, whining about it). The
advertising business is in a state of upheaval. Everyone is blaming it on
technology and the rapid rate of change it is causing. Hello -- it isn't the
technology, folks. The technological change is simply making it easier to
diagnose the real challenge. The one that has been around since the dawn of our
industry but that, thankfully, we've been able to side step.
The decline of moral responsibility has damaged the advertising and marketing
industry, it is the real flaw behind the advertising crisis. There has to be a
complete change of thinking and regulation of the world's marketing industry.
Certainly Clients cannot risk again the degree of unaccountability as have be
practiced up to now. Advertising agencies need to change their behavior, they
need to re-establish relations with their Clients and gain a better
understanding of the communication using Interactive Marketing Communication,
properly executed!

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