Friday, 1 February 2013


It appears that there is growing concern in AdLand about Google's... dominance. This is all so strange, we are talking here about an

unproven medium, where any number of well respected people have voiced

opinions as to the appropriateness, or otherwise, as to using the Internet as an

(traditional) advertising medium.

Jerry Della Femina claims that most online advertising creates resentment,

working to shut down attention rather than elicit interest. Zergio Zyman feels

that banner ads are a joke, and Della Femina goes on to say "and figure out

different ways to reach people but we're not going to reach them by advertising

on the internet".

In Marketing Management, Philip Kotler had this to say, "To remain effective

and profitable, marketers must strike the delicate balance between the

ineffectiveness of trying to be all things to all people through mass marketing,

and the cost prohibitive extreme of completely customising a marketing mix to

each individual". Doesn't this logic admit that mass marketing is a thing of

the past?

And isn't the Internet a highly sophisticated form of mass marketing? You have

to remember that it is all being driven by the mass marketing mentalities of

AdLand and associates. All driven by data based technologies which invariably

boil down to marketing to a mass of niches, make no mistake about it, the

purportedly "Personalised" approaches to customers remain a form of mass


What Top-Down-Management hasn't cottoned on to is the fact that the Internet

is a bottoms-up medium (if that is what you would call it!) and people are

connecting with each other and most certainly not with advertising. Only TV

commercials may create brand awareness, on the web they only create

annoyance! Meanwhile back at the ranch Online advertising remains a

relatively small part of the over-all advertising market, £2 billion out of a total

of £17 billion in the UK but it is growing rapidly by as much as 41% last year.

Meanwhile Top-Down-Management is doing its bit to help mediocrity

maintain its presence within the Advertising world, already it appears that they

are fiddling the books. Clients have already noticed discrepancies between the

number of clicks (per online ad) that Google has charged them for and the

number they reach by their own assessments! Nothing has changed in

AdLand, nothing at all! And the sad thing is that all of this need never

to have taken place, there is a substantially (and proven) more effective

method of communication available, which uses existing media. It is called

Interactive Marketing Communication, and it is available to you right now!

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