Friday, 14 December 2012

What on Earth are they teaching these days at our Business



Because it certainly does not include honesty! It can be said with certainty that

the current global financial crisis was created by the utter dishonesty of the

banks. The reputations of the largest corporations in the world are being

questioned more and more as a tsunami of evidence emerges as to the utter

indifference of Top-down-Management to their customers needs and

expectations. And the weasel words used by Marketing and Advertising

agencies to justify spending (and thus wasting) more

and more ineffectual advertising on new and old media are examples of

creatively brilliant lying! Traditional TV advertising is under further threat as

the take-up of personal video recorders (PVRS) soars, and still they

recommend advertising on TV, where no research evidence has ever emerged

as to its efficiency and accountability.

Just how dishonest is the Advertising Industry? For thirty years at least there

has been a well researched, well documented communications technique that

proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that interactive communication, properly

executed, is far more cost effective than traditional advertising. However given

the method of remuneration enjoyed by the Advertising Agencies/Media

Agencies they have chosen to ignore this far superior method of

communication. Here in England, the Home Office has admitted spending tens

of millions of pounds on TV advertising. £20 million was spent on TV adverts

rather than the hiring of more police! A spokesperson said "People will be

appalled that so many millions are being wasted on spin at a time of economic

hardship. People want more police on the streets, not more PR on the TV. It is,

to say the least disgraceful , that at a time of economic hardship, the Home

Office chooses to spend millions of pounds of taxpayers money on


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