Sunday, 30 December 2012

Brands need to take notice of the amazing opportunities available to them

right now, opportunities that have laid dormant because of the strangle hold

ad agencies have had on the marketing communications process until very recently.

All advertising is a form of learning, education and game playing should

become the new promotion.

Consumers have a huge desire for brand knowledge and learning, and far prefer

facts and storytelling, this mean more to them than a celebrity spokesperson or

a catchy tag line.

This allows your customer to exercise their own "personal discovery" on their

chosen brand.

Another problem facing Brands is the fact that marketers tend to overestimate

the value of what they already have and have, as a result, become loss averse,

this makes them overestimate the value of what they have and support the status

quo together with stability! So marketers need to sharpen their act, check their

egos, open their minds and embrace new ways of marketing communication it will

be well worthwhile.

Internet Advertising will rapidly lose its value and its impact, for easily understood reasons. Pushing

a message at a potential customer when it has not been requested and when the customer is in

the middle of something else on the Net, will never work as a major source of revenue for most

internet sites.

The Internet is participatory, like exchanging stories around a camp fire.

The problem is not the medium, the problem is the message and the fact that

it is not trusted, not wanted, and not needed. There are vast amounts of

literature to support this.

Customers do not trust advertising. Research has shown that messages

attributed to a commercial source have a much lower impact. Research has also

show that advertising is the least-trusted source of information on products and

services. The fact is consumers do not want to view advertising, and mostly

consumers do not need advertising.

The internet is all about freedom. A free population will not be held captive

and forced to watch ads. Marketing must take its share of blame for the economic

crisis. Management's greatest concern should be what a company stands for, not

adding more services to sell to consumers.

Why are so many of our major industries in trouble, beyond the current

economic meltdown? And why is marketing not being blamed for its share of the


If you read the business press, you probably noticed the absence of any

discussion of marketing and marketing strategy as it relates to the economic crisis.

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