Monday, 31 December 2012

More accountability: Being the results of one exposure to an interactive programme vs traditional (frequency and reach) advertising.


Client: S.J. Johnson & Sons.

Brand: Raid Cockroach Control System.

Research: AGB.

"The rate of increase in the level of awareness of Raid Cockroach Control System was dramatic (61.8%) among those who saw the Event. Seeing the Raid page within the Event dramatically increased scores for Past-Four-Week-Purchase (100%), scores among people who claimed to see the page increased Future-Purchase-Intent (DWB) by 60%. Advertising Awareness increased 83.4% among main grocery buyers."


Client: Reckitt & Colman.

Brand: Setamol 500 analgesic.

Research: AGB.

"Findings from this Post Event Survey show impressive increases in scores for those who saw the Event in comparison for those who did not. Results are consistently superior in all three key market measures; Prompted-Brand-Awareness +92.6%, Past-Four-Week-Purchase +47% and Definitely-Will-Buy +47%."


Client: Duracell.

Brand: Duracell Batteries.

Research: Martyn Research.

"Unaided-Awareness (Brand-First-Mentioned) of Duracell increased by 50% for readers who saw the interactive Event. Advertising-Awareness increased 200%, correct recognition of advertising message increased 19% and purchase increased 29%."


Client: Roche.

Brand: Rennie Duo.

Research: City Insights.

City Insights report "A very large increase in spontaneous awareness – Control 0%, Test 10%. They also report that "Rennie Duo is a small brand BUT it has encouraging purchasing in both % Last bought & % Most often brand bought, in both cases 4% for Test & 0% for Control, additionally there was an increase in intention to definitely buy – from 0% to 6%.


Client: Pfizer.

Brand: Plax Dental Rinse.

Research: AGB.

"Post-Event Survey results shows that the results of Pfizer’s participation with its PLAX Dental Rinse product has raised scores on key measurements of Awareness and Purchase for the brand ranging from 73+% to 200+%."


Client: Colgate Palmolive.

Brand: CP Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

Research: AGB.

"The value of the Interactive Technique has again been evidenced in the findings of this Post-Event Survey.

Substantial increases in scores for the product on key market measurements of Prompted-Brand-Awareness, Past-Four-Weeks-Purchase and Future-Purchase-Intent (DWB) have been achieved amongst main grocery buyers with ranges from 42.6% for Brand-Awareness; 200+% for Past-Four-Weeks-Purchase and DWB 600+%."


Client: Kraft Foods.

Brand: Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Research: AGB.

"The Pre-Event scores on this measure (Prompted-Brand-Awareness) remained static amongst those who who did not see the Event at around 82%. This percentage rose by 12.2% to reach 92.6% amongst main grocery buyers who saw the event, additionally there was a substantial rise of 69.3% on Past-Four-Week-Purchase and 42.9% increase in Future-Purchase-Intention (DWB)."


Client: Leggo’s.

Brand: Plumrose Leg Ham (Canned).

Research: Martyn Research.

"Unpromted-Brand-Awareness increased +14% amongst main grocery buyers who saw the Event, Bought Plumrose Leg Ham-In-Past-28 Days increased 60%, and Future-Purchase-Intent increased 64% (DWB). Among those who saw the Event Advertising Awareness increased by 400%."


Client: Stuart Alexander.

Brand: Moccona Coffee.

Research: AGB.

"Prompted-Brand-Product-Awareness among all main grocery buyers for Moccona Espresso’s was increased by 36% as a result of participation within the Interactive Technique Event. A net growth of 14.3% on the Past-Four-Week-Purchase – and Next-Four-Week-Purchase-Intent was also recorded. Further, the main claim made for the brand has shown to be more persuasive to potential purchase when it is presented in the Interactive format."


Client: Bush’s.

Brand: Bush’s Dog Food (Canned).

Research: AGB.

"Amongst those who saw the Bush’s presentation in this latest Event, growth over those who did not see the Event was in the order of 47% for all main grocery buyers. Once again, as following previous participation by Bush’s Dog Food, there was significant growth in Past-Four-Week-Purchase +22% and growth of 25% was recorded for Next-Purchase-Intent (DWB)."


Client: P&O Stena.

Brand: Cross Channel Ferries.

Research: City Insights.

"City Insights report a 21% increase in the spontaneous awareness of P&O Stena. Additionally there has been a positive shift in the usage of P&O Stena +12%. Additionally there was a substantial increase in preferance for P&O Stena from 37% to 67%. There was a positive uplift in intention to use P&O Stena in the future (DNT) from 32% to 67%."

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