Sunday, 13 May 2007

Industry Fixates on Plummeting Live Audiences

As Ratings Wither in Face of DVRs and New Nielsen Methodology, Broadcasters Pursue Other Metrics

Why the big drop-off? Part of it may be Nielsen methodology, and part of it is the continuing defection from live viewing to time-shifting. And things are only going to get worse, according to a consensus of analysts who predict the TV environment will be subjected to unheard-of patterns of erosion.

"The decline this year is staggering," says Shari Anne Brill, VP-director of programming at Carat USA, New York, and a veteran TV-research executive. "The delayed viewing puts [the ratings] back [up]. A lot of delayed viewing occurs within that first day. For [the week through Tuesday, April 17] in broadcast prime, 46% of minutes were time-shifted minutes."

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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