Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The coming Television and Advertising Storm, what you need to know about the future!

The current methods of advertising/marketing are based on deluded knowledge of communication and human behaviour, and are about to implode.

People in advertising are bad at thinking coherently about the future, they prefer whatever is present to the distant and remote.

One thing is for sure, with the changes already occurring they are going to have to make huge sacrifices on behalf of the future.

Advertising Agencies have allowed widespread short-termism. With no long-term view on the actual process of communication and all the other attendant problems, clutter, the Internet, the process of communication, accountability, customer indifference, lack of attention, the loss of trust, to mention just a few!

The Storm 1.?

Well, to start with the traditional TV stations are being buried beneath a blizzard of devices, and there are new services such as ViewmyTV which claims to offer "hundreds of live streaming channels from all over the world".
People are watching TV differently, fast forwarding through TV adverts or waiting for a drama series to come out on DVD to "Binge" watch all weekend.

Television broadcasters face "severe pressure" as advertisers abandon traditional media in favour of the Internet. So says Sir Martin Sorrell, head of WPP.

Television is under severe pressure at the moment from the Internet. There has been a fundamental shift and the pace will quicken.

There speaks a person who is himself under severe pressure, he cannot help but think short-termism, it is in his financial interests to remain the one-way passive advertising scenario advocate.

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