Saturday, 28 April 2007

If I were Grade I, in turn, would say to Accountant turned Adman Sorrell,

"Well mate the problems with commercial television are firmly in your court, you have, slavishly, stuck to the 30-second format without any new thinking emerging about the commercial break and the fact that viewers are turning away from the, what I understand is called, "The interruption model of advertising".

"Also there is absolutely no accountability so now your Clients appear to be turning away from Terrestrial TV and are now being advised by the Advertising Industry to go onto the Internet. A totally unproven medium, and, from everything I have learned, a medium that is very hostile to the whole concept of one-way advertising"!

"So when are you going to address all these little issues mate"?

Then accountant turned Adman Sorrell would most likely reply, "What about your viewers being ripped off all the time with Commercial Televisions' not so little scams with Premium Rate telephone call-in Games…scams that are likely to amount to several million pounds"?


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