Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What is the biggest mistake brands make when it comes to social media?

Well, there's Dell, which has flat out lied to people about its social media success, and that's pretty serious especially when you're a publicly traded company, and Pepsi is guilty of this, too. Since it's made its big social media push, its brand status has sagged (it's now the No. 3 beverage in America), but it tries to hide that by having the CEO talk about how many likes it has on Facebook. Well, if you have so many likes that you're so proud of, how come those likes aren't translating to an increase in sales?

How can you claim success with something as shallow as likes when your sales are down? Can you honestly tell someone with a straight face that likes, coming from people who mostly already buy your stuff, is better than sales?The biggest mistake is what goes on in marketing departments when the end of the fourth quarter rolls around.

Large corporations give their marketing departments X amount of money, and if they don't spend X, they'll get less of it the following year. And so in order to not lose that money, and I've had multiple people tell me this who have been in these meetings, that money gets given to friends of friends or to things like social media,regardless of whether or not the stuff they're selling actually works. You have a lot of big brands out there that spend money on this stuff not because they think it works, but because they had to spend their money on something to keep it for next year.

That puts Ford's social media guru, Scott Monty, in a whole new light,

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