Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to create an effective mobile, social campaign

Mobile and social inherently complement each other and marketers are increasingly marrying the two to deepen their relationship with consumers. However, simply linking to a Facebook or Twitter page is no longer enough. With the proliferation of new social sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, marketers are constantly looking at new ways to better reach and engage consumers. Nowadays, there is rarely a mobile campaign that does not include a social component. And, without a doubt, says Interactive Marketing Guru,Paul Ashby, Interactive Media like Shopper's Voice, is the best place possible to complement and enhance all your mobile and social campaigns. According to Ashby,it's estimated that by the year 2016, more than a billion people will access their favorite social media Web sites by using a mobile device,

Marketing campaigns should pay attention to this fundamental shift towards Inveractive Communication.

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