Sunday, 22 July 2012

The All Powerful Marketing Guru is just a Myth!


The all powerful Marketing Guru is based upon the complete fallacy that only he knows how to market products/services...and that advertising works.

And that amazinglngly patronising idea is based upon the fact that the public are dupes who digest all advertising...and than act upon it! This is not true now and never has been.

The foundation myth of marketing potency is the silly claim, attributed to many people, that "half my advertising works, I don't know which half"

The claim is both tasteless and factually wrong.

The idea that advertising works (together with Marketing) is only believed by people who work for advertising/marketing agencies, people active in corporations, and people who work in all forms of media, and now digital media, Facebook et al.

You can see this silliness incarnate in magazines like Campaign and Marketing week after week.

Most consumers resent the insinuation that they, along with all the rest of us, are mere puppets.

It is now time to accept that the end of Marketing and Advertising is here and that there are far more effective solutions to marketing programmes. Programmes that will be totally transparent and will also allow Clients to half their current bloated marketing budgets and be twice (or more) as effective. For example, Interactive Marketing Communicatiom.

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