Monday, 18 May 2009

We must break free from the delusion that the web is revolutionising our lives

If people don’t trust advertising now they’ll trust it even less on the Web. Privacy campaigners fear the power of Google and the on line ad company Phorm to gather and exploit personal information. They invade your computer, monitor your web browsing and buying, and check where you are and then bombard you with targeted hard sells. All the while you are on the Web Google, the biggest brand on the planet, will be watching everything you do, knowing where you live, logging your preferences and tracking your movements so that it can target its ads at you and only you.
The Internet is just a means of communication, like television, radio or newspapers.
The key feature of web.2.0 that is currently driving change is its intense focus on the individual.
But the 21st century is in danger of being the first era in history to value mass, mediocrity and water-cooler chitchat over individual geniuses, expertise, courage and leadership.

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