Sunday, 17 May 2009


Quaker Oats

TAG has been extensively researched by independent research organisations in Australia, The United Kingdom, U.S.A. Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and The Philippines.

Numerous marketing research studies have been conducted to measure and document the sales impact of the IMG technique. In point of fact, measurements are always made on the incremental sales generated by each interactive ‘Event’ for every participating brand because the premise of TAG is on making advertising expenditure accountable. The results are presented to each client as a post evaluation.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique here are some highlights from reports prepared by independent research companies in conjunction with past interactive programs.

Client: Quaker Trading
Brand: Quick & Hearty
Category: Hot breakfast Cereals
Research by: NOP
North West England

Of those who only saw the television commercial 1% claimed to have purchased Quick and Hearty in the past 4 weeks, whilst those who had seen the interactive programmed 9% claimed to have purchased, an increase in +800%.

In London

There was no television advertising for Quick and Hearty the purchase of Quick & Hearty in the control area was 0% whilst in the interactive test area last 4 weeks purchase was 4% and increase of +700%

In both regions the IMG interactive programme generated a 9% positive intention to purchase. This was twice the level generated in the north-west & Midlands, and over three times that of the non-advertising area in London. It is therefore a reasonable conclusion that the booklet led to an enhanced interest in purchasing Quick & Hearty when next buying a breakfast cereal.

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