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Unilever & Shoppers’ Voice.

A new era for advertising!
A new age of personalised customer relations!

The guiding ethos of The 1-2-1 Solution, is the personalisation of the relationship between the brand and the customer through customer participation. Shoppers’ Voice, whatever the format or medium, is where your customers willingly become workers for you; devoting some of their time, effort and imagination to your brands.

Not only do your customers want more choice they want to be involved with the products they choose to buy and to be sure that they have made the right choice for the right reasons. The Shoppers’ Voice initiative opens up an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers, building their trust in the brand and delivering loyalty, through ongoing purchase, despite the blandishments of competitors.

The Shoppers’ Voice technique has been used within Unilever in different countries over time with spectacular results as outlined:

United Kingdom

Birds Eye Fish Fingers
Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual uplift in sales + 3.2%.
Definitely/Probably will buy +9%.
Advertising awareness +11%.

Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual uplift in sales + 4.4%..
Last week purchase +2%
Definitely/Probably will buy +4%.
Advertising awareness +4%.

P G Tips.
Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual uplift in sales + 3.1%.
Last week purchase +5%
Definitely/Probably will buy +7%
Advertising awareness +8%.

Birds Eye Frozen Peas.
Research: Nielsen & City Insights.
Actual increase in purchase + 2.6%.
Last week purchase +2%
uplift in Definitely/Probably will buy +5%.
Advertising awareness + 5%.

Sunsilk Shampoo.
Research: BLM division NOP.
Purchase + 35%.
Definitely/Probably will buy + 100%.
Recognition of the main product claim + 50%.
Advertising awareness +45%.
Spontaneous Awareness + 53%.

Research: AGB.
Definitely/Probably will buy +14%.
Brand awareness + 6.7%.
Advertising awareness +150%.


Vaseline Intensive Care.
Research: AGB.
Prompted Brand/Product awareness +31.5%.
Past Four Week Purchase +90%.
Definitely will buy +81.8%.

Streets Ice Cream Deserts.
Research: Martyn Research.
Unprompted Brand Awareness increased +8%.
Actual purchase +80%.
Advertising awareness +100%.


Research: Market Research Corporation of America.
Year long purchase study.
Across the whole year + 25.5% uplift in actual sales.
The research, as usual, was carried out among those who received the program (Test) against those who did not see the program (Control).
This study, underlines the long term effect of the technique.

Finally, what have others said of the technique in respect of
Cost Effectiveness and ROI.

Professor E.L. Roberto, PhD, Coca-Cola Foundation Professor of International Marketing reviewed the £5 million of independent research conducted on behalf of Shoppers’ Voice and provided this summary:

“The Shoppers’ Voice participating advertisements generated recall scores that are more than 50% more productive than normal advertising. The effect on purchase intention is just as impressive if not much more.
All these productivity increments are attainable at a reasonably inexpensive budget. One Shoppers’ Voice client revealed that for its participating brand, its quarter television expenditure was $5.7 million as compared to its Shoppers’ Voice budget of $0.5 million.
This 1:10 ratio has been mirrored in Shoppers’ Voice events in other countries.”

Source: AGB: Gallup: Martyn Research: Bourke: NOP: Nielsen & more

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