Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sky & Virgin Television…

...A disgraceful episode that exposes “Top Down” management at its worst!

So Sky & Virgin, you obviously don’t think that you ought to start a regular dialogue with your subscribers!

Because the disgraceful public row you both have had very recently provides enough evidence that you really still haven’t got it. Your advertisers are not that important to you, certainly your very own Top Management is not important to you, after all they are in the process of ruining your business!

As they said in a recent American Presidential Election…”It’s your viewers stupid.”

This headline says it all. “Sky channels disappear from Virgin cable TV.”
And, low and behold, in the day when viewer/consumer empowerment is causing great concern to the advertising/media industries. These companies decide, arbitrarily, to remove Sky’s basic channels from Virgin’s cable platform “in the early hours of yesterday morning after an extended and unedifying public spat between BSkyB and Virgin Media”

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