Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Another fine mess bought to you by those fine people at Top-Down-Management Limited!

Revelations emerged last week indicating that viewers tuning in to the 'X-Factor', broadcast on ITV1, had been charged an extra 15p for phone votes during the last series.

It identified that incorrect payments were collected through red button applications on the Sky platform during the last series of the 'X Factor'.

The scandal grew with the news that the BBC One show 'Saturday Kitchen' had encouraged viewers to phone premium-rate lines to vote on a competition during a pre-recorded show.

Is it any wonder that people are turning away from terrestrial broadcasting and resorting to the Web, after all the Web has some limited interactive (FREE) capabilities. Thus allowing all those frustrated one-way viewers to vent their rage and frustration at all those wonderful Top-Down-Management boffins who spend their highly paid days dreaming up these scams!

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