Friday, 4 February 2011


1. Shoppers Voice unique learning techniques.
2. Shoppers Voice Shop Assist with unique shopping opportunities.
3. Shoppers Voice conduct market research and polls with immediate response.
4. Shoppers Voice Cash give low value cash rewards.
5. Shoppers Voice Loyalty Programme monitor and reward customer loyalty.
6. Shoppers Voice accountability pin point the ROI on your marketing investment.
7. Shoppers Voice Coupons exceptional redemption rates.
8. Shoppers Voice Loyalty package complete customer loyalty programme interface with multi-media (On and Off line) interaction.

Shoppers Voice multi media package solutions for loyalty, increased sales and in store experience are underpinned by a range of concepts that come together to form Client Solutions. The Shoppers Voice Engagement Platform works effectively with retailers to increase footfall and Brand sales.
Through these uncertain times Shoppers Voice helps our customers to reduce costs, adapt to change and improve operational efficiencies through the highly effective use of multi-media interaction.

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