Sunday, 2 May 2010

Understanding Interactive Marketing Communication.

Defining Interactive Marketing.

Interaction can be defined simply as straightforward communication between two parties.

Presently we are in danger of losing the real meaning of interaction, as we tend to focus discussions on the emerging technologies and neglect the communication process itself.

With an understanding of the real meaning of Interactive Communication, existing media can be made interactive, and subsequently far more cost effective.
Interactive Marketing Communication turns passive advertising into active advertising and actually alters behaviour during the communication and learning process.

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Joel said...
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Bruce said...

Paul, I agree that interactive marketing can be a good way to create a more participative air between the consumers and producers. the marketing mix in television, radio, print and social media sites are directed towards closing the gap with their consumers.

In places like Calgary, commercials are becoming tools that encourages the participation of consumers. Case and point are the creative (most parts of the world and in Calgary) video productions which tend to advertise user experience. The testimonial of actual users attracts potential clients to try the said product.

Very insightful post. Thanks!

Robert Jacko said...

Thank you for sharing the information.

Interaction may it be for personal or for professional task is helping a lot in the promotion of business. Interaction needs lot of skills as it is helping to convey the message to the target audiences.

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