Monday, 19 April 2010

What can Shoppers Voice do for you?

1.Produces measurable results.
2.Greater product awareness.
3.Longer product recall.
4.Substantial sales uplift from just one exposure.
5.Better customer data.
6.Stronger customer interaction.
7.All productivity increments @ inexpensive budgets.
8.Less expensive than regular advertising.
9.Cuts through commercial clutter.
10.Resolves selective perception and cognitive dissonance.
11.Sensitises & gives better response to your mainstream advertising.
12.Strengthens consumers purchase commitment.
13.Improves perceptions of your brand(s) benefits.
14.Raises brand awareness and preference.
15.Maximises revenue.
16.Increases the communication value of all of your marketing activity.
17.Is Media neutral.
18.Increases the involvement of your TV audience.
19.Builds trust & loyalty.
20.Lifts advertising message comprehension.
21.Alters the way customers perceive your advertising and changes their behaviour.
22.Increases the number of people involved in your communication process.

And there's more!

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